Omved Organic Sweet Almond Virgin Oil - 100% Pure & Cold-Pressed, 100 ml

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Special Skin Care applications of Almond Oil

Fungal skin infections - Fungal infections strike the dry and unprotected skin. The best prevention and remedy for skin-based fungal infections is Almond Oil massage. 
Nasal drops – Almond Oil can also be used as a nasal drop also under medical supervision.

How to use OMVED Sweet Almond Oil?

SarvangaAbhyanga – rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit

A good body massage or SarvangaAbhyanga, known in Ayurveda, can bring about intense relaxation and result in experiencing peace and calm. Read on to more about the preparation, method, and precautions during a good body massage.

Before using it for a body massage you need to find out whether your skin is comfortable to Almond Oil. You can smear a bit of it on your toes and leave it overnight. If your toe skin is fine the next morning you are good to use this general body massage procedure.

Warm an appropriate amount of Almond Oil to a comfortable temperature. Massage the body with heavy and tolerable pressure for 10-15 min. Leave the oil on the body for the next 10-15 min or 30 min if convenient.

Take a steam treatment for the body, for 5 to 6 minutes. The steam treatment helps to open up the body’s pores and helps the body to absorb Almond Oil properly. In case the proper option for steam treatment is not available, apply a towel soaked in hot water for steaming the body. Sitting in a tolerable hot water tub for 10 minutes also gives an equivalent result.

A warm bath after body massage is also helpful in better oil absorption and removal of excess oil. For best results, rub off the excess using a hot towel. You can use a herbal daily body moisturizer to get rid of the smell of Almond Oil. People with a Vata Prakriti can get special results with Intense Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin.

Avoid the use of steam if you are not comfortable with it. Pitta people, being already of a warm nature, should ensure minimum use of steam.

Pitta Prakriti people can use normal water and they can use normal water on a warm day.

Always ensure that your face and eyes are not exposed to the direct flow of steam.

It is important not to use soap 2-3 days after body massage.
After 2 days, try using mild herbal soaps like Shuddhi or Malati Handmade Jasmine Soap for Vata. Omved’s Refreshing Body Shower Gel is especially good for PittaPrakriti skin.

How to use OMVED Sweet Almond Oil for

Pigmentation/scars/spots/early aging -

  • Add an equal amount of coconut and Almond Oil to make enough amount for the massage.
  • Add 5gms. milk cream, 10gms. besan (gram flour), 2gms. Chandan/turmeric paste to every 10ml. of the above solution and mix well. Add milk to dilute the solution if required.
  • Apply the paste generously on the tanned area and let it sit for 10min.
  • Gently rub out the paste by massaging the body.
  • This ubtan (herbal paste body massage) also helps to remove the unwanted skin growth along with the tanning.

Wrinkles/dryness/loose skin -

  • Take adequate amount of warm (for Vata and KaphaPrakriti)/normal (for PittaPrakriti) Almond Oil.
  • Apply the Almond Oil and gently massage in a circular motion over the wrinkled/ dry/loss skin.
  • Dab the massaged skin with a warm towel. Avoid direct use of steam/hot water.

Pimples -

  • Add a small amount of turmeric to the wheat/oat flour in the ratio of 1:5.
  • Mix the adequate amount of Almond Oil and above flour to make a wet dough.
  • Massage the Almond Oil on the pimples gently for 5 min.
  • After the massage, apply the dough on the pimpled area and keep it covered for 5-10 min.
  • After this dab the skin with a warm towel but avoid any direct contact with steam/hot water.
  • Wash off the dough with normal water.
  • Avoid using any soap for next 2-3 days on the area.

Under Eye Dark Circles

  • Apply normal temperature Almond Oil in a circular motion around the eyes.
  • Almond Oil can be applied 2-3 times a day on the dark circles.
  • Add an equal amount of Chandan (Sandalwood) paste and Almond Oil and apply a thick coat on the dark circles. Do not let the paste dry. Keep it wet by applying water. Wash off with normal water after 5 min.

Note: Prevention is always the best treatment.

  • It is important not to rub your eyes frequently. Rubbing or pressing the eyes increases the tendency of dark circles. Please get the itching in the eyes treated by an Ayurvedic physician to get the best results from this oil.
  • Watery eyes or too frequent secretion of tears from the eyes also causes dark circles (not the onion tears).
  • With so many benefits clubbed together in one bottle of goodness and purity, let us throw in a word of caution. To ensure whether it suits your body type, don’t forget to take a quick Dosha test before you start using it. Make sure you consume it wisely and not go overboard in its intake. Most importantly, always consult your doctor when in doubt.

Almond oil is one of the best oils for almost all kinds of skin disorders. When you consider its countless benefits, Omved Sweet Almond Oil is nothing less than miraculous. Among its many advantages such as being perfect for skin and hair massage and sun-blocking properties, it is also known to:

  • Moisturize dry/damaged skin
  • Help get a brighter even skin tone
  • Lighten marks on the skin
  • Nourish dry hair and scalp
  • Be an effective anti-oxidant
  • Be an anti-aging agent

OMVED Sweet Almond Oil is a repository of vitamins, minerals and a storehouse of nutrients. This cold-pressed virgin Sweet Almond Oil is abundantly moisturizing in nature and meant for various uses. It can easily become your multipurpose base oil for irritated and dry skin, to clear dead skin cells and stretch marks.

Why OMVED cold-pressed virgin Almond Oil?

Extraction of oil under extreme heat and pressure kills its natural bio-active nutrients. But we ensure that OMVED pure virgin, Sweet Almond Oil is extracted through the natural method of cold-pressing. It is extracted without the use of any additives, preservatives or colorants.

Thus we ensure maximum retention of volatile nutrients such as Omega 9, Omega 6 and Phytosterols naturally present in the almond oil. Omved Almond Oil is 100% pure and therapeutic-grade.

Grow with OMVED Almond Oil

Baby Body Massage

Omved Sweet Almond Oil can be used for all infants with normal skin conditions. It is an excellent choice for infant body massage. Almond oil is one of the mildest natural oils and can be used from day one.

According to Ayurveda, massage with almond oil ensures proper protection and nutrition to the delicate baby skin. It protects the baby skin from fungal and bacterial infections. It also prevents itching, dryness and enhances blood circulation in the baby skin.
Note – Before the massage, please apply the Almond Oil on the toes of the infant overnight, and observe for any adverse skin reaction on the following day. You are good to go if there is no problem.

Baby Hair Oil

Omved Sweet Almond Oil can be used as effective hair oil for babies. Early development of the brain depends a lot on the proper blood supply to the baby’s head. Regular massage with Omved almond oil can ensure excellent blood supply and nutrition to the fast-developing brains of the babies. 
Almond Oil can be safely used for children of all age groups, with normal skin conditions. In case of any skin disorder, please consult your physician.

Beat all hair problems with OMVED Sweet Almond Oil

Vata Hair - High susceptibility towards dandruff, dry scalp, excess hair fall, and baldness is a Hallmark of the Vata hair. Head massage with Almond Oil eliminates the evil effect of excess Vata. It provides better circulation, thus better nutrition to scalp and hair.

Pitta Hair - Pitta skin is prone towards early graying, swelling and inflammation in the scalp. Almond Oil helps the blood vessels to dilate and balance the temperature in the head region. It prevents scalp infections, inflammation, and swelling.

Kapha Hair - Almond Oil massage helps to stimulate the dull metabolism of the Kapha scalp. It strengthens the hair roots and scalp by accelerating the rate of metabolism. Almond Oil reduces the excessive oiliness by increasing the rate of assimilation of excess oil in the scalp.

Rejuvenating Head Massage

The procedure for body massage(link to body massage) should be used for a head massage as well. Do not use steam treatment for the head as it may damage the fine nerves, blood vessels and sense organs like eyes, ear, etc. Wash off the oil using Purifying Herbal Shampoo for All Hair.

Resolve 7 signs of aging with OMVED Sweet Almond Oil

Body massage with Badamkatel, or Sweet Almond Oil, is considered an excellent beauty treatment according to Ayurveda. Almond Oil helps to clear acne, scars, spots besides reducing wrinkles and improving skin tone and complexion. It brings a natural glow to the driest of skins. Sweet Almond Oil is one Ayurvedic remedy that can be safely trusted for all skin types.

1. Pigmentation – Hyperpigmentation is a result of imbalanced Pitta Dosha. Omved almond oil is hot temperament. It helps to eliminate the excess heat of the skin through blood vessel dilation and reduces the effect of excess pigmentation.

2. Wrinkles – Wrinkles are formed due to rapid degeneration of the skin cells. Vata dosha is primarily responsible for wrinkles. Omved almond oil helps to increase the blood circulation, thereby enhancing the oxygen and nutrition supply to the skin. This helps to slow down the rate of cell death and the formation of wrinkles.

3. Age Spots – With age, the skin metabolism slows down and becomes uneven. This leads to the formation of age spots. Age spots are just like the spots on an aging leaf, they signify the lack of nutrition! Omved almond oil nourishes the deep layers of the skin and protects them from the drying effect of Vata Dosha. Thus it prevents and reverses the formation of age spots.

4. Fine Lines – Fine lines are another result of deteriorating action of excess Vata Dosha. Vata leads to excessive dryness and cell death, leading to the formation of fine lines on the face. Omved almond oil eliminates the dryness and warms the skin with its hot temperament.

5. Scars – Scars are formed either due to external injury or internal cell necrosis (death). Scars are the dead tissue that is not removed from the skin surface because of a slow rate of cell regeneration. Scars are formed as a result of Vata dosha imbalance. Omved Sweet Almond oil accelerates the physiological rate and thus, formation of the new skin cells that can replace the scar tissue.

6. Spots – Spots are formed as a result of trauma or internal blockages. Omved almond oil cleanses the blood vessels, de-clogs the skin channels and promotes faster movement of cell debris from the spotted area. Thus, it can clear the skin spots within a few weeks of regular usage.

7. Early Aging – Early aging results from the constant struggle of the skin cells to maintain their functioning in a rapidly changing external environment. Omved almond oil forms a thin film on the skin that protects it from varying external factors like wind, sunlight, pathogens, etc. It delays the onset of aging and slows down its rate. 

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