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Bindu’s Herbal Products offers a range of Skin Care and Hair Care products that work to Repair, Restore & Rejuvenateyour skin and hair. At the core of the brand is its resonance with ingredients which are naturally obtained with no chemical alterations or enhancements hence are free from preservatives, artificial chemicals and added colour. Every ingredient is chosen with utmost care, after studying its effects on every skin type. These well-researched ingredients have been used in unique formulations which have resulted in long lasting benefits to Bindu’s clientele. Bindu's Herbal Products being Ayurvedic brings about vigor and vitality from within. The ever satisfied customer of Bindu’s Herbal Products is the single and strongest testimony to its range of products.



Mrs. Bindu made her first revolutionary hair oil way back in 1998 when there was no hair oil catering to the hair treatment segment. Bindu’s amla hair oils from then on are treating hair-fall and dandruff successfully. This home-made product was then available only to a close circle. Users of this hair oil never turned back to their previous products.  Six years later in 2001 on request of the users, Mrs. Bindu sort her first license for production as micro industry under the name Bindu’s Herbal Products, and alongside started her research in ayurvedic and herbal ingredients for hair care and skin care. Bindu’s Almond Scrub cum Packand Bindu’s Blend of Herbshair oil are one of the marvels of her research.



Mrs. Bindu Mehrotra the owner of Bindu’s Herbal Product, is a renowned beautician in Bangalore with years of extensive knowledge in diverse fields such as Reiki Healing, Naturopathy, Beauty Consulting, Image Makeover and Counseling. She is a certified Herbal Product Manufacturer. Her regular direct clientele stretch across the length and breadth of Karnataka State and beyond. She prominently featured in the famous program titled Ladies Specialon TV9, a leading television channel in South India. Her interview was aired on this channel – wherein she demonstrated an herbal facial. Under production is a 10 Episode feature on Mrs. Bindu Mehrotra, the beautician and her successful range of products. The show would feature the healing and curing abilities of her Skin and Hair Care products alongside clients experiences upon use of Bindu’s range of Hair Care and Skin Care products.