Omved Baby's First Pillow Head Shaping Mustard Seeds Pillow with Lavender Removable Cotton Cover, Light Grey

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Mustard Pillow – ideal support for your sleeping baby A newborn is as delicate and soft as a flower bud. After birth, the baby’s skull and bones are supple and easily moldable as they take time to fuse. Also at the time of birth, during delivery, the head may get misshaped and become...

Mustard Pillow – ideal support for your sleeping baby

A newborn is as delicate and soft as a flower bud. After birth, the baby’s skull and bones are supple and easily moldable as they take time to fuse. Also at the time of birth, during delivery, the head may get misshaped and become uneven. So, if not properly taken care of, the baby’s head can develop an irregular shape due to uneven pressure on the soft and malleable skull.

Our caring grandmas always knew about this and had been highly recommending Rai or Mustard Seed Pillows to properly shape the baby’s head and keep it from deforming.

OMVED Baby’s First Pillow

OMVED Baby's First Pillow is a must-have baby accessory since it is safe and offers the ideal support for babies to sleep. This Mustard Pillow is an organic aromatherapy pillow inspired by traditional Ayurvedic remedy. This Mustard seed filled cushion dramatically reduces head pressure and effectively aids in the prevention and correction of the flat-head syndrome. It evenly distributes the pressure around a baby’s head, neck, and shoulders.

The Baby’s First Pillow is filled with selective 'tiny-sized' mustard seeds for optimum, customized support. As an aromatherapy pillow, it is filled with premium quality, aromatic Lavender flowers that promote deep sound sleep and relaxation. Thoughtfully created for babies, you will find that these specially engineered pillows are irreplaceable.

Why Mustard seeds?

Mustard seeds are traditionally believed to be a constant source of bio-energy, helping to increase blood circulation, reduce ear infections, calm colic and soothe sinuses, while evenly distributing the pressure around the baby's delicate head. These pillows are filled with premium quality mustard seeds to help give a proper shape to the head and prevent flat head syndrome

After birth, a baby's bones, including the skullcap or top part of the head, are soft and flexible, and not fused. It takes approximately 12 to 18 months to strengthen and merge into one. During this time, to prevent and treat flat-head caused by constant pressing against bedding, to help with irregular head forms caused by childbirth and to provide customized sleep support, the Baby's First Pillow is invaluable

Features & Benefits:

  • IDEAL SUPPORT – takes the shape of a baby's head
  • REDUCES COLDS - naturally warming properties
  • SOUND SLEEP – therapeutic lavender induces sleep
  • EASY BREATHING – breathable seeds allow air circulation
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - completely biodegradable


A blend of 100% natural, thrice cleaned, tiny-sized Mustard seeds (Brassica Alba), dried Lavender flowers (Lavandula Angustifolia) and pure therapeutic-grade essential oil blend filled in an unbleached cotton cover. The pillow comes with a removable, ultra-soft premium cotton jersey material.

How and when to use

It is best to introduce your baby to this pillow as early as possible. Make sure the baby's head and shoulders rest steadily on the pillow. Stop using when the baby is old enough to roll over on its stomach.
For enhanced shelf life it is recommended to use the pillow as per recommended care instructions with the product. The organic herbs within may lose fragrance with usage, but this won’t compromise the efficacy of the product.

5 Invaluable Benefits of a Mustard Seed Pillow

We know that before the baby’s head fuses together, we can give a more refined and ‘normal’ look by reshaping it using mustard seed pillows. Following are some of its invaluable benefits:

Corrects improper head shape:

Using a Mustard seed pillow correctively refines the baby’s head to give it a smooth shape and reduce uneven surfaces.

Source of Bio-energy:

Mustard seeds are believed to possess naturally warming properties which helps keep babies away from a common cold, increase blood circulation, reduce ear infections and soothe sinuses.

Even Support and Cushioning:

Mustard seed pillows are tender and create a unique space around a baby’s head to evenly support and distribute the pressure around the head, neck, and shoulders which is very relaxing.

Reduces pressure:

The tiny-sized, rounded Mustard seeds in the pillow keep moving along with the baby’s head and body movements. For instance, if the baby moves to the left, the seeds move to offer ideal support to the head, neck, and shoulder, thereby reducing pressure on the baby’s head.

Decreases chances of Plagiocephaly or flat head:

It is natural that some babies usually sleep facing a particular direction or in a specific position, which makes their head flat or uneven due to single-point pressure. Mustard seed pillows help correct this.

As a caring mother or parent, it is only natural for you to be concerned about your baby’s growth and development. OMVED Baby’s First Pillow offers you complete peace of mind when it comes to your baby’s comfort and correcting an improper shape of the head. To make your journey of motherhood even more enjoyable and convenient, do go through our thoughtfully engineered


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